Loam's View Point
It is in the 9th Hair Pin Bend. It is named after Mr. Mathew Loam, who marked the road in 1886. Good view point. From we can see the full veiw of Aliyar Dam.

Carvar Marsh Valley
He is the Father of Valparai Hills. It is situated in the Kavarkal Estate.  A beautifull valley. We can see Parambikulam Resevoir, Vellonie Estate from here.

Nallamudi Valley

It is a grazing pasture surrounded by mountains This Valley is Situated in Anaimudi Estate 7 Kms from Valparai. We can see the "Anaimudi Peak" highest peak in South India from here. Can see Iddliyar Valley from here.

Tiger Valley

This Valley is situated near Waterfalls Estate On the way to Valparai from Pollachi after 27th hairpin bend. A exotic view of evergreen forest, Upper Aliyar Resevoir, Udumelpet Wind Mills, etc.
Valleys and View Points